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  • Lucia
    Of varicose veins of the veins suffered for nearly 10 years. Creams and ointments became my constant travel companions in this time. Varius Plus – this is the best thing that happened to me to try. It gives an instant effect of cooling, the swelling disappears in the eyes. After use of any inflammation and the itching! If this is not addictive.
    Varius Plus
  • Giuseppina
    Varius Plus I tried, when already very desperate. I had the second stage and veins in the arms and legs were very visible, the skin is dry. The treatment lasted about six months, as well as the case of the thrown. The first thing that I realized – with a healthy appearance of the skin. Then disappeared the swelling and the pain. Patience always wins!
    Varius Plus
  • Teresa
    What a relief that I have learned about varius plus! The nature of my work, that I am all the day in the legs. The evening the feet become swollen and complain as well that it was difficult to get home, but once I wore high heels! But now this gel I decided to all my problems! I put your work in the morning and in the evening after. And all!
    Varius Plus
  • Angela
    A. gel Varius Plus for the third age of the members of the family. The own counsel, but the elders of my stubbornness they say they like, how it works, it passes the pain, the legs are less tired. Visually I see that there is no more swelling, and the of vienna and the toothed wheel less pronounced. Help even people of age.
    Varius Plus
  • Carmela
    I use the gel for around two months. The bulge of vienna have not disappeared completely, but they are less visible. Smooth leather from the vascular mesh resolved. Gone is the morbid lividity. I think I'm going to follow in order to achieve a greater effect.
    Varius Plus
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